Why Al Kareem Trading for Green Coffee ?

As a specialized green coffee trader, our business focuses on supplying unroasted and roasted coffee beans from around the world. This would involve various activities, including sourcing high-quality beans from reliable suppliers, negotiating prices, arranging transport and logistics, and ensuring quality control throughout the supply chain. What makes us sauccessful in green coffee trading is that we have a deep understanding of the coffee market and the various factors that affect supply and demand. This includes knowledge of coffee origins; varieties, processing methods, and quality standards. We have also built strong relationships with coffee farmers, exporters, importers, and roasters to ensure a reliable supply of beans. In addition to sourcing and selling coffee, our business also offers value-added services such as cupping and sensory analysis, market analysis and forecasting, and assistance with sustainability and ethical sourcing practices. This allows us to differentiate ourselves from other traders and provide additional value to our customers.