Our Services

Green Coffee Trading

Al Kareem Trading is focusing on green coffee trading, which means that we supplyingboth unroasted and roasted coffee beans. This could involve sourcing coffee beans fromdifferent origins, negotiating prices, and ensuring quality control throughout the supplychain.

Import and Export Services

We can help businesses navigate the complex legal and regulatory requirementsinvolved in importing and exporting goods across international borders. Thisincludes ensuring compliance with customs regulations, obtaining necessarylicenses and permits, and managing all necessary documentation

Sales and Distribution

Our company can act as an intermediary between businesses, connecting buyers andsellers and facilitating the sale and distribution of goods. This includes managingmarketing and sales efforts, handling logistics and delivery, and providing customerservice

Research and Development

Alkareem trading company can help businesses stay competitive by providing researchand development services that help identify new trends, products, and technologies.This includes conducting market research, developing new product concepts, andtesting and launching new products

Sourcing and Procurement

Alkareem trading company can help businesses find and purchase productsfrom various suppliers around the world. This includes identifying and selectingreliable suppliers, negotiating prices and terms, and handling logistics and shipping

Financial Services

We provide a range of financial services to support businesses, including trade finance,credit and risk management, and currency exchange


Alkareem trading company can help businesses optimize their supply chainsby improving efficiency, reducing costs, and mitigating risks. This includes managinginventory, streamlining production and distribution processes, and implementingtechnology solutions to improve visibility and control